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Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate Dedicated Seismic Division

Greenwich, CT

Selected by the City of San Francisco in 2015 as its  partner to offer PACE financing for the Soft Story Retrofit Program, Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate has gained expertise in financing seismic strengthening improvements through PACE. Creating a new dedicated Seismic Unit to offer financing throughout California, Oregon and other states,  CounterpointeSRE joins with your local government to help property owners navigate their seismic projects. Owner can also include  energy efficiency, renewable, and risk mitigation improvements in the financing. The program is designed to help real estate owners free cash flow so they can maximize investment in their future. 

Benefits of CounterpointeSRE

Long Term Financing: 100% financing of PACE eligible improvements and related soft costs with fixed interest rates and no balloon payment. Terms matched to the useful life of the improvement, up to 30 years.

Increase Operating Income: Maximize free cash flow so owners can invest in their business. Financing may qualify for off balance sheet treatment and there are no upfront costs.

No prepayment required upon sale or refinance: Owners are not required to prepay their PACE assessment when selling their property or refinancing a loan.

Municapl Tax Assessment: For accounting treatment and repayment, PACE financing is a non-ad valorem tax assessment levied on the property and paid with your regular property tax bill.

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