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Maximizing C&I Solar Project Value 

All-in-one equipment solutions and service bundles meet renewable and energy efficiency financing that eliminates the cost-barriers to entry for green projects. 

Download our “Five Best Practices for C&I Solar EPCS and developers” ebook and/or request a meeting to discuss your project and its development and financing.

A Partnership That Delivers

Major component compatibility and optimization

Trina Solar, a CounterpointeSRE partner, works hand in hand with their inverter and racking partners to ensure that major system components are compatible and, wherever possible, optimized. This process eliminates uncertainty for customers, streamlines installations and helps keep projects on schedule.


Funding solutions for all C&I property types, including C-PACE which allows for the full capture of rebates and tax incentives by the property owner. Projects are fully funded at closing, giving peace of mind to EPCS and developers of timely milestone and completion payments.

One-stop Procurement

No need to deal with multiple distributors and component providers. One-stop shopping with Trina Solar’s C&I team ensures module and component supply security to help avoid any obstacles and delays in the supply chain.


Risk Mitigation

Decades of experience mean Trina’s C&I Solutions team has a comprehensive understanding of solar best practices to help mitigate project risks. During this time, Trina Solar has compiled a trusted track record of bankability and project success.

Benefit from an all-in-one equipment package, including financing.

Trina C&I Solutions helps developers and EPCs incorporate Tier-1 solar modules, racking and inverters into a seamless and customizable design that can be approached with various forms of finance from CounterpointeSRE including PACE, ESAs, and PPAs. 

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About Trina Solar

Trina Solar’s C&I Solutions are all-in-one equipment and
service bundles that make commercial installations easier,
faster and more efficient for EPCs and developers.
Our C&I Solutions innovatively combine Trina’s worldclass PV modules, inverters and versatile racking options.
Combined with the benefits listed below, Trina Solar’s C&I
Solutions can deliver better power gains and lower LCOE to
improve commercial solar project value.
Whether it’s for a ground mount, rooftop, canopy/carport or
single-axis tracker system, Trina Solar’s C&I Solutions team
has the experience, history and expertise to deliver success
for your next project or portfolio.

About CounterpointeSRE

CounterpointeSRE is a leading national commercial property assessed clean energy (C-PACE) capital provider and sustainable project finance. Over the past decade, we have played a leadership role driving investment toward clean energy and energy efficiency in our nation’s commercial buildings. Our executive team has substantial expertise in commercial real estate, lending, structured finance and PACE program administration. Moreover, we can provide capital at scale and with frequency.