Sustainability Financed

Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate (SRE) provides capital to fuel the deployment of sustainable and energy efficient infrastructure in commercial and multifamily buildings.


Commercial Finance

New Construction

ground up to mid-construction

Energy Efficiency Retrofits

energy-saving capital improvements

Renewable Projects

solar, wind and geothermal

Resiliency and Public Health

seismic, flood, storm, and storage solutions

ESG Investing at the Building Level

Our commercial focus, on multi-family, industrial, medical, office and mixed use properties allows CounterpointeSRE to deploy our capital at scale and with impact. By investing in the construction of new “greener” buildings and the retrofit of existing properties we directly address climate change by bringing efficiency and renewable measures to the source of 40% of U.S. energy consumption – residential and commercial buildings (U.S. Energy Information Administration).



Featured Projects

Near Net-Zero Retrofit

A high occupancy office building invested in energy efficiency, renewables and sophisticated building management tools to arrive at near-net zero with positive cash flow.

Mid-Construction Capital

A developer was able to deploy $13.7 million in PACE financing during mid-construction, with much of the assessment attributed to completed structural work related to seismic resiliency.

Industrial Solar

A $4.5 million industrial solar project includes 7200 solar panels that provide onsite power for an industrial client's nearly 280-acre facility, yielding more than 3.8 MWh of annual energy production.

More than reduced carbon emissions

CounterpointeSRE has been financing the reduction of carbon emissions for over eight years. We have played a role in the formation of the PACE industry from its onset, and focused on driving investment toward clean energy and energy efficiency in one of the nation’s most impactful segments: commercial real estate. While buildings produce over 70% of the nation’s carbon emissions, that’s not the only reason we invest in their improvement. The very same buildings represent an opportunity for economic and community development.

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Sustainable Thoughts

“The PACE funding from CSRE helps our firm achieve several goals including a significant contribution to our corporate sustainability goals; by developing this distributed renewable energy source we are able to significantly reduce our draw from the grid.” 

Jim Mullin

Director of Energy, JBS USA

“Working with Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate to help build sustainability into our projects has become an important part of our capital strategy.”


Warren Cruz

Chief Accounting Officer, Relevant Group

Counterpointe’s PACE program has enabled our team to engage in a project that maximizes both the energy efficiency of our facility as well as the comfort and safety of our residents. There’s a benefit to the property owner, environment, and community.

Richard Stacey

President, Victoria Towers, Inc

We were thrilled to work with the Counterpointe team to help include their PACE financing on this trophy project. They worked tirelessly to help educate the borrower, and the corresponding lenders on this important piece of the capital stack.”

Malcolm Davies

Principal/Managing Director , George Smith Partners

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