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Commercial Bridge Program


CounterpointeSRE provides one-stop solution to meet our clients’ needs to finance sustainable buildings.

Bridge Mortgage

Secured financing for renovation, stabilization, or recapitalization of transitional commercial assets
All income-producing property types: Multifamily, Office,  Industrial, Retail, and Hospitality
24 month initial term with up to three 12-month extensions, interest only with amortization during extensions
Fully prepayable with 12-18 months call protection
Minimum 1.05x stabilized DSCR
$10MM – $50MM
Floating 1M SOFR + 300(+) BPS
Up to 75% of appraised stabilized value

C-PACE Assessment 

Funding of real property improvements relating to energy efficiency, water conservation, and resiliency
All income-producing property types and specialized use with strong sponsorship
Up to 30 year term, fully amortizing, with capitalized interest for initial period
Payments made through real estate tax assessments
Fully prepayable with flexible call protection options
Minimum 1.00x stabilized DSCR
$1MM – $500MM+
100% of eligible costs, typically up to 25-30% of proforma stabilized value


Full-Stack Financing

Utilization of C-PACE Assessment and Bridge Mortgage to reduce financing costs and to provide refinance flexibility
All income-producing property types: Multifamily, Office, Industrial, Retail, and Hospitality
C-PACE is assumable upon sale or refinance of mortgage loan
Call protection tailored to meet property owner exit/refinance strategy
Minimum 1.05x stabilized DSCR after payment of PACE assessment
$10MM – $75MM
Weighted Average All-In Rate

Up to 75% of appraised total value

Loan Purpose

  • Recapitalizations
  • Acquisition and refinance
  • Pre-stabilization: low occupancy, lease-up deals
  • Pre-TCO or ramp loans on new construction
  • Value-add rehabilitation 

Property Types

  • CORE: Conventional multifamily, industrial, student housing, manufactured housing, affordable housing,  senior housing (IL/AL/MC), skilled nursing facilities,  hospitality, and retail
  • NON-CORE: Office,  specialty real estate, and data centers
  • GREEN: CounterpointeSRE will underwrite properties with sustainability features


Financing Parameters

LOAN AMOUNT $8 million to $50 million; larger loans considered
LOAN TERM Up to 5 years (including extensions)
MARKETS Top 100 MSAs and select secondary markets
RATE TYPE Floating over 1M Term SOFR
IN-PLACE DSCR AND DY No minimum DSCR or debt yield required
FEES Origination, exit and extension fees may apply
LEGAL FEES Generally, less than $50,000 per loan
MAXIMUM LTV Will consider up to 75% LTV on pro-forma stabilized value
AMORTIZATION Interest only during initial term; amortization on case-by-case basis during any extension term
FUTURE ADVANCES Capital expenditures and additional reserves as needed; funded according to Sponsor’s business plan
EARNOUTS Available
MONTHLY ESCROWS RE taxes (including C-PACE), insurance and replacement reserves
RECOURSE Non-recourse with standard carve-outs; additional guarantees may be required
PREPAYMENT Spread maintenance for a portion of the initial loan term; no lockout


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