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Using our investment capital for renewable, efficient, and resilient infrastructure

$255.9 Million

San Francisco, CA

Financing Commercial PACE

Real Estate Condominium

                                Annual CO2e reduction 858 MT

$122 Million

Flower Mound, TX

Financing Commercial PACE ($34mm) and Construction Loan ($88mm)

Real Estate 209 unit Multifamily

Use of Proceeds  New Construction
                                Annual CO2e reduction 1,087 MT

$23.4 Million

Chicago, Illinois

Financing Commercial PACE 

Real Estate Hotel

Use of Proceeds  Redevelopment and Gut Rehabilitation
                                 Annual CO2e Reduction 892 MT 

$11.5 Million

Findlay, Ohio

Financing Back Leverage PPA

Use of Proceeds  5.75 MW Wind 
                                Annual CO2e Reduction 13,034 MT

$25.5 Million

Philadelphia, PA

Financing Commercial PACE 

Real Estate Office

                                Annual CO2e Reduction 10,048 MT

$110 Million

Rhode Island and California

Financing Commercial PACE 

Real Estate Acute Care Hospital Network

Use of Proceeds  Infrastructure Energy Retrofits
                                Annual CO2e Reduction 29,644 MT

$22.5 Million

Illinois and  Michigan

Financing Commercial PACE 

Real Estate Lt Industrial Facilities

Use of Proceeds  2.53 MW Solar
                                8MW Biogas Cogen
                                Annual CO2e Reduction 28,157.41 MT