Inflation Reduction Act for Commercial Real Estate

August 24, 2022

Top Takeaways

  1. Crossroads

    The federal government has recognized the crossroads between commercial real estate and energy.

  2. Incremental

    Energy-efficient commercial buildings (new construction or retrofit) need only reduce total energy or energy use intensity by 25% in order to obtain an energy efficient commercial building deduction.

  3. Opportunity

    Production Tax Credits and Investment Tax Credits align with many C-PACE-eligible projects including renewable electricity generated through solar, waste, biomass, CHP and fuel cell systems.

  1. Location

    The bill encourages and advances investment in renewables by acknowledging diversity and energy justice goals to spur investment in both low-income and traditional energy communities.

  2. Flexibility

    Innovation, predictability and financial flexibility are encouraged by the extension and expansion of the Production and Investment Tax Credits with features such as utimately being technology neutral, having a 10-year horizon and allowing for the one-time sale or transfer of credits.

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