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Clean Heat Financing

CounterpointeSRE joins Con Edison as a financing partner for the Clean Heat Financing Program

Commercial PACE seen as perfect fit to finance heat pumps and other Clean Energy measures in renovations and new construction 

Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate (CounterpointeSRE), an energy finance company led by Eric Alini and Chris Hoeffel, announced that it has joined with conEdison to become a partner in the Con Edison Clean Heat Financing Program, which helps provide financing to commercial and industrial customers to upgrade their HVAC and other equipment.

CounterpointeSRE provides a national financing platform for diversified ESG infrastructure investments for Counterpointe Sustainab Advisors, an investment manager (www.CPTsustainable.com).

“We believe that partnering with conEdison is a great way to accelerate the electrification of multifamily and other commercial buildings. We are committed to providing solutions for impact driven real estate finance”

CounterpointeSRE offers green mortgages, commercial PACE, and other energy financial tools to provide low cost innovative solutions to accelerate the transition of infrastructure to clean energy. Financing is available for both renovations, new construction, and other behind-the-meter projects. C-PACE financing has grown exponentially by lowering WACC and groundbreaking occurred in January for a multifamily development with all-electric HVAC with $122 million full-stack financing from CounterpointeSRE that supported the launch of the project.


Clean Heat and the Benefits of Heat Pumps

The conEdison Clean Heat Financing Program is designed to help owners heat and cool their properties affordably with no out of pocket expenses.

ConEdison reports that heat pumps are the latest clean heat technology and will keep spaces comfortable year-round. In the colder months, they work by pulling heat from the air or underground and using it to heat your property. In the warmer months, they flow in reverse and use a refrigerant to cool the airspaces within the property.

Providing both heat and air conditioning, heat pumps are a cleaner, more efficient alternative to fossil-fuel-powered heating.

Heat pumps can help:

  • Maintain a consistent temperature in your commercial building
  • Make your multifamily more attractive to current and future tenants
  • Reduce your carbon footprint with a cleaner, more efficient alternative to fossil-fuel-powered heating
  • Increase asset value and net operating income by shifting capital expenditure to operations and maintenance

Commercial PACE is a great financing option for heat pumps and other energy efficiency measures.


About Counterpointe

Counterpointe Sustainable invests at the intersection of the commercial real estate and energy industries through diversified ESG Infrastructure investments including  mortgages, PACE, and other energy financial tools. Since 2013,  we have had a major impact in reducing the commercial building sector’s carbon footprint and in providing resiliency to the nation’s infrastructure.

This is a great example of C-PACE as a creative capital solution to promote energy efficiency for all commercial and industrial buildings during a time of volatile financial markets and growing ESG pressures from real estate investors and tenants.

Eric Alini

CEO, Counterpointe Sustainable Advisors