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Calculate Maximum C-PACE for New Construction in Connecticut

C-PACE can be used to finance upgrades in new construction as well as existing buildings.

Most new construction qualifies for 20-35% LTC with Connecticut identifying specific measures that increase maximum amount eligible for financing.

Use the tool at right to determine the potential maximum C-PACE net proceeds in Connecticut and contact us to learn more. Download the full technical standards here.

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PACE Eligible Improvements

From roofing and building envelope to HVAC and lighting on the efficiency side to renewable energy, water conservation and resiliency to storm, flood and seismic events, PACE financing covers endless improvements to new and existing properties.

Retroactive PACE

PACE financing can be applied to completed projects to recapitalize energy efficiency, renewable and resiliency investments.

Refinance is important in newer PACE markets where the legislation may follow an owner’s investment and is a strategic resource for owners.

PACE for Green Roofs

Using PACE financing for a Green roof can yield a cash flow positive improvement that adds value by increasing energy efficiency, reducing storm-water run-off and transforming unused space into a building amenity to be enjoyed by tenants.