Financed Projects

Across the nation, CounterpointeSRE has directly supported clean and energy-efficient building infrastructure with our investment capital.

Seismic Program

Since 2015, we have provided capital to hundreds of property owners to finance seismic improvements.

Class A Office

The largest C-PACE financing in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, this Class A office financing  shows that C-PACE is a great solution for building owners across asset classes.

Industrial Solar

This 555,000 square foot industrial food processing facility in the midwest used C-PACE financing to install a 2.6MW solar PV system that is helping the corporate client meet  sustainability goals.

New Construction Multifamily

The developer of this 225+ unit property took advantage of $5.5 million C-PACE to upgrade several infrastructure elements to increase energy efficiency and to reduce future operating costs.

Multi-tenant healthcare

The Kirkbride Center, a 17-acre healthcare and social service campus with a National Historic Landmark status in West Philadelphia is dedicated to providing behavioral health and residential services for those in need. 

Industrial Biogas Cogeneration

A C-PACE financed 8 MW biogas power generation system capable meeting 100% of an industrial client’s 41.3 million kWh electrical load will provide resiliency, reliability, and sustainability.

Acute Care Hospital

$10.2 million in C-PACE funding supports energy efficiency retrofit improvements at the Los Angeles Downtown Medical Center including modernization of elevators, multiple HVAC energy efficiency projects, and a standby emergency generator.

Mid Construction Finance

This San Diego area property deployed $13.7 million in PACE financing during mid-construction, with much of the assessment attributed to completed structural work related to seismic resiliency.

Urban Green Roof

CounterpointeSRE’s financing of this project marked the first use of commercial PACE for a green roof in Michigan. The $1.02 million in capital provided combined with water and sewerage incentives to yield a positive cash flow.

Retail Portfolio Retrofit

Washington Prime Group, a national REIT with significant retail holdings tapped PACE financing to improve a number of its Florida locations with a mix of energy efficiency solutions.


The developer of a multifamily (120 unit) and mixed-use property (ground floor retail) in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles California utilized $14.5 million in commercial PACE financing to bolster its capital stack during development.

Complement to Tax Credits

$4.6 million C-PACE funding in support of energy-efficient build out of a former factory into a multitenant commercial kitchen in Northwest Chicago. The capital stack included NMTC investors focussed on economic development in underserved communities.

near net zero c-pace financed office, Hanover MD

Near Net-Zero Retrofit

A high occupancy office building invested in energy efficiency, renewables and sophisticated building management tools to arrive at near-net zero with positive cash flow.

Healthcare Portfolio

Multistate healthcare organization worked with their energy services provider and CSRE to identify more than 70 PACE eligible projects that would help reduce energy and water use, conform with new regulations and code, and replace aging equipment and facilities without increasing CapEx. Total funding exceeds $96 million.

Supporting Economic Development

PACE funding complimented Michigan Economic Development Corporation CRP funding and other economic incentives. The project is a deep retrofit of two historic two-story mixed use buildings to include retail (4,700 square feet) and residential space (6 units).

Industrial Facility | Wastewater Heat Recovery

$1.1 million in financing from CSRE is supporting energy efficiency capital improvements for Up to Date Laundry (UTD), one of the largest healthcare laundry providers on the east coast and the MD’s largest commercial laundry facility.

Seismic Resiliency | Soft-Story Retrofit Cases

Since 2015, when CSRE was selected by the City of San Francisco as its PACE financing partner, we have provided the expertise and capital to hundreds of property owners to finance seismic and other energy improvements.

“PACE financing from CSRE helps us meet our commitment to achieve net-zero by 2040.”

Jim Mullin, Chief Sustainability Officer, JBS USA